MMA Fighter Tries to Kiss The WRONG Girl: Gets Beat For It

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A famous MMA fighter tries to kiss a girl at the gas station and lives to regret it! Maiquel Falcao is a well known MMA fighter in Brazil, and he clearly thinks he can have whoever and whatever he wants.

The video opens with him approaching a woman at a gas station. When she rejects him, he gets angry and assaults her. This turns out to be a big mistake since this girl has friends: LOTS of friends. A mob quickly forms and attacks Falcao.

At first, the fighter is able to hold his own against the crowd. The tables turn outside the gas station when a man attacks the fighter with a baseball bat. Falcao falls to the ground unconscious, and the mob continues to beat and punch him until police arrive.

Both Falcao and the friend he was with were sent to the hospital with serious injuries. The audio of the video may be in spanish, but the intense surveillance footage is definitely worth the watch!

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