Patriots Launch Massive, Nationwide Protest Against Amnesty

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What started out at the muttering of single individuals has come to consolidate into a louder, conjunctive voice declaring the need to oust Obama from office. Seeing how there is still a need to raise awareness in order to make this a reality, two well known organizations have since banded together to fight as one.

We’ve all pretty much heard of Overpasses for America – the activist group that perches atop highway overpasses waving American flags and displaying signs demanding the impeachment of Obama – but you may not have heard of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC). Although fights to outright impeach Obama have been so far unsuccessful, the two organizations are fighting against Obama’s policy and lawlessness instead.

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After all, if you can’t get rid of the problem, you may as well render it useless until it goes away. As American is facing an invasion of illegal immigrants hopeful of being rewarded with citizenship after breaking our nation’s laws, its sad that the people have to stand up to say that something is wrong with this picture.

However, it seems that’s what society has come to as William Gheen of ALIPAC explains their main goal is to, “help educate voters about which lawmakers are to blame for our current illegal immigration crisis.”

Sadly, the crisis reaches much further than that of illegal immigration, but this issue seems as good as any to begin. What do you guys think – will their efforts yield any results?

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