Climate Realist Marc Morano DESTROYS Bill Nye On Global Warming

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Liberals have come up with some outrageous things in the past but perhaps the most recent nonsensical debate has been that of global warming. On the front lines, arguing in favor of global warming, is everyone’s favorite childhood science television personality – Bill Nye.

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As only about 35% of Americans actually believe in global warming, Liberals have been pushing harder than ever to pervert the truths of today’s society in order to manipulate the majority of non-believers. One such attempt recently occurred during a television interview between climate realist Marc Morano.

Demonstrated clearly during the interview, Global Warming is nothing but a greed fueled agenda attempting to guilt a nation to buy things – expensive things – they don’t need (i.e. solar panels, windmills etc.). Don’t let us make that assertion however, take a peek at the video above and let us know where you stand on the matter.

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