Panic! At The Disco Sticks It To Westboro Baptist Church

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When Panic! At The Disco learned that Westboro Baptist Church planned to picket their show on Sunday in Kansas City, Missouri, the rock band decided to call the bluff of the crazy activists. They vowed to donate $20 to Human Rights Campaign – an organization which they support – for every Westboro picketer who showed up to their show.

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Westboro Baptist Church, who vehemently denounces everything which Human Rights Campaign stands for, still came out in protest of Panic! At The Disco. They even let the band know exactly how many members were there – a measly 13. Panic! At The Disco decided to donate an even $1,000 to Human Rights Campaign, plus five percent of their total merchandise sales from the show.

Westboro’s next reported target is Katy Perry. We’ll see if she comes up with a unique way to combat the church’s hate as well.

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