63-Yr-Old Granny Says “Not Here” To Home Intruder, Shoots Him Dead

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Providing yet another reason why guns are an extreme necessity in today’s world one grandmother was recently tasked with defending her home. While at home with her granddaughter, the feisty grandmother acted quickly when she heard her door being pushed open, retrieved her gun, and shot at the intruder.

Phyllis Law, 63, explains that while she and her granddaughter were in the house, she could hear one of the residence doors being pried open. After telling her granddaughter to hide somewhere safe, she went and retrieved her 9mm handgun and set up an ambush.

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As the man came walking through the house, he flipped on the lights – giving Law the impression he had been in the house before – which prompted the gun toting granny to spring up and pop off a few round in his direction. Sure enough, she hit the intruder – right in the head.

Of course, you won’t be hearing this story on liberally biased news outlets, but this is the exact reason we need guns. What did you guys have to think about this? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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