Liberals Mocking Christianity With Black Jesus: “I Died For Your Mother F*cking Sins”

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Of all the religions in the world, Liberals boast the need for tolerance, except for one – Christianity. Their most recent attempt at comedy is set to air on TV in which a show will portray a black Jesus who says “I died for your mother f*cking sins,” amongst other ludicrous nonsense.

The script of the show set to air on Adult Swim features a pot smoking, foul mouthed, drinking Jesus who just so happens to be black. Apparently Liberals think that so long as they mask their offensive rhetoric behind comedy they can simply get away with whatever they’d like.

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Sounds like they took a page right out of Sarah Silverman’s playbook.

Many however aren’t laughing or simply brushing it off as a horrible excuse for comedy such as self-proclaimed minister of the Messianic Afrikan Nation, Paul Scott. He’s even gone so far as to call for a boycott arguing the shot, “[makes] a mockery of the concept of a Black Messiah.”

Now of course, we shouldn’t be bothered by this as everyone is entitled to their First Amendment rights, but what would they do if the roles were reversed? The frustrating thing here is Liberals demand different treatment than that which they’re willing to give to others.

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