Cops Fed Up With Bieber, Tell Neighbors To Perform Citizen’s Arrest

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Justin Bieber is skating on thin ice, and you’d think he’d make a temporary habit of keeping his head down, but apparently not. According to recent reports, police have been called to Bieber’s residence so many times, that they’re sick of driving out there and have taken to suggesting his neighbors perform a citizen’s arrest.

Bieber, despite being in loads of trouble and currently on probation, seems to be living it up like normal as police were called out 6 separate times to his condo due to noise complaints. According to residents of the same condo, “There were bimbos lining up to do drugs in the lobby bathroom.”

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Furthermore, Bieber’s entourage was so obnoxious that after the dust of the party had settled, the condo’s staff was tasked with the cleanup of quite a bit of litter left behind. As the law in California dictates, police cannot arrest someone for a misdemeanor charge unless they directly bear witness to it.

However, those around him, if they feel so inclined, can perform a citizen’s arrest on Bieber. Subsequently, an arrest would place Bieber in violation of his current probation and would more than likely end in deportation.

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