Mother Killed 4-Yr-Old Daughter, Stuffed Her In Trunk ‘Because She Was Jealous Of The Girl’

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It is the most basic of instincts for a mother to want to safeguard their child, so those who kill their own children are considered to be of the worst character possible, the most rotten scum on Earth. 25-year-old Stacie Parsons is one of those people. The Texas mother was arrested Monday after confessing to murdering her 4-year-old daughter, Victoria Wyatt.


Victoria was scheduled to start pre-kindergarten on the day she was murdered.

Investigators found the little girl’s lifeless body at the family home, wrapped in a garbage bag. Her mother is presumed to have killed Wyatt at a small wooden bridge in Henderson County. She then stuffed the girl’s tiny frame in the trunk of her car. An exact cause of death has not been announced yet, as an autopsy has yet to be performed.


Stacie Parsons killed her daunter on this wooden bridge on Henderson County Road 1500.

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The night before the brutal murder, Mr. Wyatt informed his wife that he wanted a divorce, which is presumed to be the thing that sent the woman over the edge, leading her to kill her daughter. The morning after her husband’s devastating blow, Parsons woke early and left the family home with the couple’s daughter. When Mr. Wyatt awoke, he assumed the pair had gone to the little girl’s first day of pre-K. But soon thereafter, Parsons returned home alone. She parked her white sedan in the driveway of the family home and walked away.


Parsons wrapped her daughter’s body in a garbage bag and threw it in the trunk of her white sedan.

When Mr. Wyatt asked his wife where their daughter was, she replied ominously, “I wouldn’t be in that car if I were you.” Instantly horrified, the poor father opened the trunk of his wife’s car and found his child wrapped in plastic. He attempted to perform CPR, but was too late in his efforts. The father recounted the horrific ordeal:

“Oh, God it was awful. Foaming out of her mouth, her head was bashed in. My baby’s dead, she killed my baby.”


Mr. Wyatt says his wife has always been jealous of their little girl for some reason.

While Parsons sits in the county jail, Wyatt and his family have started an online fundraiser to raise money to pay for little Victoria’s final expenses. If you would like to contribute something, you may do so here.

What an incredibly tragic story. Let’s hope this woman is locked up for the rest of her life and never given the opportunity to harm another innocent child. Show your support for the grieving father in the comments section.

H/T: MailOnline

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