BREAKING: Two Federal Judges Order Defunding Of Obamacare

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The battle against the atrocity that is known as Obamacare may be closer to over than initially thought. According to a recent ruling, two Federal Judges have recently ordered the full defunding of Obamacare as a whole.

The ruling was brought down by Judge Raymond Randolph and Judge Thomas Griffith who have stated that due to a major discrepancy in the bill’s language, it effectively renders itself useless. As it stands, states have two ways in which they can go about dealing with the newly mandated insurance coverage of their residents.

According to Think Progress, states can either, “run their own health insurance exchange where their residents may buy health insurance, and receive subsidies to help them pay for that insurance if they qualify, or they can allow the federal government to run that exchange for them.”

As brought up in the Halbig v. Burwell case, those applying for health insurance are only able to receive subsidiaries if they apply for coverage through, “an Exchange established by the State.” Because of this, Randolph and Griffith concluded in their ruling that, “a federal Exchange is not an ‘Exchange established by the State,’” and in such contradicts itself rendering it virtually nonsensical.

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Of course, Liberals have their panties in a twist over the ruling saying that “millions of Americans” will be out of insurance seeing the good Obamacare has done nationwide, but others aren’t so convinced. Seeing how the numbers, chosen to be believe, were half-baked truths consisting of double counts and those who lost insurance due to Obamacare in the first place and were forced to re-enroll, the GOP isn’t shedding tears over the matter.

The likeliness however, in effort of being as honest as possible – of this ruling not being overturned is highly unlikely. After all, we’ve seen the lengths in which the President was willing to go through to pass the abysmal law knowing full well the disastrous effects it would have on the American people.

Seeing how he wasn’t going to give the GOP the satisfaction of killing his legacy back then, you can be rest assured that he won’t be ready to do it now. Be prepared for a series of executive orders correcting what Liberals are calling a silly “typo” and for the law to keep on bumbling forward taking out anyone who gets in its way.

What do you guys think of this – is this a victory for the GOP? Will anything come of it? Let us know in the comments below.

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