2 Marines Confront Man Posing As Soldier

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Two marines bump into a man in uniform on the street, but they notice something off about the “sergeant major.” A video posted on facebook shows them asking the man questions about his military service, such as where he was deployed.

The man claims to be a special forces operator, but it quickly becomes clear that he isn’t who he says he is. According to The Blaze, the conversation escalates as the marines get more and more upset.

“You know that’s called false valor? It is a federal crime for you to be wearing that uniform,” one of the Marines tells the impersonator.

“No it’s not,” the man shoots back. “You can get out my face right now… because I’m a military officer as well.”

Eventually, the impostor says he is a military policemen, and threatens to take action against the marines if they do not leave him alone. When they ask him where his MP card is, he says it is in his car.

Yeah, right…



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