Watch Israel’s “Iron Dome” In Action, Shoots Down Hamas Rockets

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As much of the world tries to pervert the truth on what’s really happening between Hamas terrorists and Israel, those being demonized have taken to sharing what they’ve been doing. In an attempt to show off the “Iron Dome,” – a defensive system that hones in on, and shoots down, incoming terrorist rockets – Israel posted a video on their social media page.

If anything, Hamas has more than shown their evil side desperately trying to exterminate Jews at any cost. In an effort to defend themselves as the terrorists continue to lob rockets into densely populated areas, and even tried to hit a nuclear reactor at one point, the Iron Dome has done exactly what it’s supposed to.

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It’s clear to see who the real enemy here is as one uses missiles to protect their nation’s civilians, while the other side is using their nation’s civilians to protect their missiles. Obviously, as Israel’s hand is being forced to respond to the attacks, they have no choice but to reach into civilian territory to take out the terrorist’s rocket systems – an unfortunate occurrence Hamas is more than happy to use as propaganda.

Take a peek at the defense system in action and let us know what you thought in the comments below.

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