Disgusting Excuse For A Human Being Caught Raping His Dog In Backyard

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There seems to be a disturbing new trend these days when it comes to perverts and their pets. For some reason it’s becoming an increasingly occurring crime where owners have been busted raping their dogs.

Whether or not it’s because they’re lonely or actually feel they “love” their animal, the sickening trends seems to be gaining speed. The worst part is, the mug shots of those found guilty of such an act resemble exactly that in which you would picture.

According to Click Orlando:

James Bull, 61, has been charged with felony animal cruelty and another misdemeanor charge of animal cruelty.

According to the report, neighbors told police on Tuesday they saw Bull having sexual conduct with his 8-month-old female dog on his front porch of his Magnolia Avenue apartment.

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What’s even more disgusting is that Bull seems to have treated his pooch as more of a sex slave than anything else. According to the report, the dog arrived with a swollen vagina, and obviously hadn’t eaten or drank anything in quite some time.

Furthermore, police report that the dog was tied up out back with no shelter.

The dog was taken in by the human society where it was receiving medical care, and Bull was locked away on $15,000 bail.

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