Dying Vets Denied Morphine, You Won’t Believe What They Were Given Instead

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While Obama doles out welfare like it’s candy and gives illegal aliens complimentary housing and medical care, the most deserving in our society are being hung out to dry. Even after the deplorable problems with the VA were uncovered, it does not seem that the system is being mended, as reports of injustices being delt to veterans are still continuing to surface on a daily basis. This newest story is sure to make you incredibly angry.

You would think that the least you could do for a dying veteran who has spent years defending our great country is to provide him with some pain killers to make the remainder of his days more bearable. The VA apparently could not even get it together to do this small act. Instead, it has been found that they gave veterans salt water who should have received morphine.

Valerie Riviello is a whistleblower heavily involved with the investigation into the VA. She was made aware of the veterans who were given salt water solutions instead of morphine by a VA nurse. Apparently, another nurse had stolen the morphine which was meant for patients.

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