Veteran Arrested After Asking Corrupt Official To Speak Louder

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Politicians have been allowed too much lee-way when it comes to governing those that elect them with almost zero accountability. One town, sick of this reality, decided to convene during a town-hall meeting where officials were set to speak about a particularly disliked proposition.

Tensions were running so high, that one veteran was forcefully removed after simply asking for those in charge to speak up.

According to The Free Thought Project:

Mayor Alan Broyles and board members were discussing a particularly unpopular decision. Up for debate was the option to submit a second application to TDOT that would allow a private company, US Nitrogen, to install and run wastewater pipes to the Nolichucky River.

The decision would allow US Nitrogen access to free water as well as a free place to dump their wastewater, instead of reaching an agreement with the local water utility.

As the town caught wind of what officials were trying to do, they were justifiably upset and made sure they were going to let the local politicians know about it. After being called out as corrupt, money hungry thugs, members of the board tried to get through the decision as quickly as possible with little intervention.

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In order to do this, they chose not to use microphones despite the room being filled all the way to the very back so to make sure onlookers couldn’t hear them while they spoke about the matter amongst themselves. Of course, being a hard of hearing 76-year-old, veteran Eddie Overholt naturally asked the officials to speak up.

Viewing his request as a disruption, Mayor Broyles directed uniformed police officers to arrest Overholt, and they did what they were told. From there, Overholt was made to walk to the jail despite having a physical disability, and when he tried to stop walking for a moment, officers added “resisting arrest” to his charges.

What do you guys have to think about this – is there really any shock that corruption is being allowed to run rampant under this administration? Let us know what you thought of Overholt’s treatment in the comments below.

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