Mr. Diplomacy: John Kerry Caught Mocking Israel On Open Mic

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The current administration has been exposed for the group of two-faced manipulators that they truly are and what John Kerry recently did only went to prove that further. Although it’s been the United States position to side with Israel, it seems that Kerry may not relate to the fact he’s been putting on for the American people.

Supposed to be representative of America when it comes to foreign governments, you would think Kerry would be extremely careful when it comes to picking his words. Apparently that isn’t the case as Kerry made some sarcastic and damaging statements into a hot mic about America’s strongest ally.

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According to The Blaze:

During a fast-paced circuit of morning talk shows Sunday, Secretary of State John Kerry took a call from one of his aides.

He might not have realized that his “Fox News Sunday” mic was live.

Kerry spoke with the aide about the situation developing in Gaza, saying, ”It’s a hell of a pinpoint operation,” in reference to the death toll.

Some are interpreting his blunt remarks as a condemnation of Israeli tactics…

There has been much condemnation of Israel as the main stream media continues to spew their half baked truths in an effort to glorify terrorists. Instead of seeing it as Hamas (the terrorist organization fighting against Israel) suing civilians as human shields to protect their rockets and fire from within the population, they simply paint the picture that Israel is murdering children when they are forced to retaliate.

Kerry’s actions are nothing short of juvenile and unbecoming of man in his position and there is truly no excuse for such a blunder. If you do not agree with the stance of the government, then you have no right working for it let alone trying to persuade others to follow its agenda.

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