26-Yr-Old Muslim Man Travels To Australia To Find 12-Yr-Old Child Bride

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Muslims have little to no respect for the innocence of children. They brainwash them into extremism from an early age if they’re male and they marry them off before they even hit puberty if they’re female. This story is evidence of that.

A Lebanese Muslim traveled to Australia on a student visa. He planned to further his education at the University of Newcastle. On a routine trip to the local mosque, the man happened to meet his future wife. This may sound like a nice little love story, but I assure you, it’s not. That’s because the little Australian girl was just 12-years-old and the Lebanese man is 26. He’s now facing child abuse charges.

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The man married the little girl in a ceremony at his mosque and subsequently moved his young bride into his home, where he had sexual relations with her 25 times. When he was found out, national outrage ensued. The man is arguing that he was doing nothing wrong, as his religion permits him to take a child bride and abuse her as he sees fit. But authorities see things differently. Commander of the Child Abuse Squad, Detective Inspector Peter Yeomans, remarked:

“You have to take religion and culture out if it and see it for what it is – a sexual assault of a 12-year-old-child. In the end it is a 12-year-old child [and] no matter how we look at and how he wants to sway it culturally, ceremonies or anything else … he has been charged with numerous counts of sexual assault. I was astonished in relation to the background of the information.”

The heinous abuse was discovered when the 26-year-old attempted to enroll his child bride in a school near his home. He was unable to do so without legal guardianship of her. When he began the process of obtaining guardianship, a government worker was tipped off to his activities and reported him to police.

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The little girl has since been placed in the care of authorities who have seen to it that she receive medical care and counseling services. They are currently trying to place her in a home, because she clearly cannot be returned to her parents, who allowed this abuse to happen to her in the first place.

Unfortunately, this sort of abuse happens all the time in Australia. Particularly in the region of the Blue Mountains, there is an abundance of cases of unlawful, unregistered marriages. Family and Community Services Minister, Pru Goward, expressed her concern:

”Whatever the cultural practice, whatever the religious practice, there is no law in Australia above Australian law. In this country, little girls have rights and in particular they have the right to a childhood free of this sort of abuse. That is what we are here as a community to uphold.”

As usual, there is nothing good to report about the Muslim faith. Just more stories of abuse. Let us know how you feel about this incident of child sexual abuse at the hands of a Muslim in the comments section.

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