Megan Fox Leaves Liberals Outraged After Completely DESTROYING Obama

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You know things are getting serious when even the Liberals in Hollywood are starting to speak out against Obama. Fully sick of his ridiculous antics, the most recent to jump on the common-sense bandwagon was none other than Megan Fox.

During a clip played by NewsBusters’ NewsBusted, they explain:

“Megan Fox told Cosmopolitan magazine that pregnancy is ‘hot’ because it is the act of creating a life. OR, as President Obama once called it: being punished with a baby.”

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For those of you who don’t remember, yes Obama likened teenagers who get pregnant to that of being “punished with a baby.” The quote in which he was referring to the slight chance of one of his own daughters getting pregnant made national headlines and drew much criticism from both sides of the aisle.

Of course, as selfish as he is, why would he consider the life of an innocent being significant when there’s an option to reverse the hypothetically intentional act of his own daughter? What do you guys think of what Fox had to say – did she hit the nail on the head?

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