Texas Ranchers Rounding Up Illegals Like Cattle

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Obama has refused to secure our borders and those who own property in the southern parts of border states are seeing the results of that lax security on a daily basis. Many are taking the law into their own hands to protect themselves and their land.

Illegals aliens are being “rounded up” on Texas ranch land when they’re caught invading our border. They are literally being herded like a bunch of animals. It would almost be comical if it weren’t for the gravity of the situation.

One South Texas rancher shared a story of when illegal aliens broke into a hunting cabin of his and ransacked the property. They broke a glass case where several rifles were kept, which caused one of them to bleed profusely. They also helped themselves to whatever food they could find. These occurrences have become so prevalent that this rancher now leaves the doors to his cabins unlocked so as to avoid severe damage resulting from illegals breaking in.

Liberals have been making a huge deal of the women and children crossing the border, but leaving out the parts of the story where land owners find dangerous men, drug smugglers, and gang members on their property. If it doesn’t fit their agenda, it doesn’t make national headlines. This video is quite a polarizing look into the harsh reality of the immigration situation.

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