Watch These Black Conservatives Get Harassed At NAACP Conference

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Although it initially was created to combat the exact mindset in which it has become, the NAACP has taken advantage of race baiters and racial tensions to stuff their pockets for years now. So when a group of black Conservative Americans showed up to their convention in Las Vegas, well, you can imagine the hostility they faced.

One such aggressor was caught on tape and clearly demonstrated that she had all the answers for her questions before she even asked them. Displaying her brainwashed, freeloading mentality, food stamps and welfare were on the woman’s list of necessities for American sustentation.

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Of course, being a Conservative group, the organization explained that although these benefits and services are necessary, they are being abused to the extent of bankrupting our nation if an end isn’t put to it. The Liberal minded drone however wasn’t having it, and although demanded the Conservatives “let her finish,” she seemed to ramble on in a monotone voice with no period in site of her sentence.

Although the theme for the conference this year declares that the NAACP is, “All in for justice and equality,” perhaps they should edit – or add a bit to – their slogan. Maybe it should read, “all in for justice and equality of Liberal blacks.”

What do you guys think of this – if there was an organization dedicated to whites with such distinct preferential treatment of whites, what would the public outrage be like? Why does the NAACP demand all blacks think alike and condemn those that dare question their leaders?

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