Hollywood Leftist Angelina Jolie Shocking Nation With Slam Against Obama

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Hollywood isn’t so well known for their support of the Right, but apparently nothing is off the table – even from one of the biggest Liberals in the spotlight. Most recently, a source close to Angelina Jolie has come forward to say that she not only dislikes Obama, but thinks he’s a “Socialist in disguise.”

According to the source, “She hates him. She’s into education and rehabilitation and thinks Obama is all about welfare and handouts. She thinks Obama is really a socialist in disguise.” Now this is a page her father, fellow actor, John Voight can get with her on as his stance on Obama has been made abundantly clear through several outspoken sessions critical of the Commander-in-Chief.

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Her husband on the other hand couldn’t agree any less as he seems to worship the ground Obama walks on. The source further detailed, “They get in nasty arguments all the time about it.”

To many people’s satisfaction however (note the sarcasm) “She doesn’t respect Brad when it comes to politics, but, in the end, this won’t tear them apart.” Apparently, Jolie “isn’t Republican, but she thinks Obama is all smoke and mirrors.”

So what do you guys think of this – are people finally starting to open their eyes to the real Obama?

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