“We’ll Take Entire Gaza Strip If Necessary”: Israel Will Not Stop Until Terrorists Defeated

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It seems that mayhem has spread completely across the globe during the days of late as turmoil and carnage are just about everywhere anybody looks these days. Seeming to be most spoken about is the conflict in Israel where authorities are claiming that they will not stop until the terrorists attacking their nation are completely dismantled.

Many seem to place blame on Israel for the deaths in the area as the main stream media continue to pump half baked truths to anyone who will listen. Saying that Israel is now responsible for the deaths of 508 Palestinian civilians, including 100 children, they’ve conveniently left out a crucial part of the story.

Hamas is a terrorist organization operating out of the Gaza Strip and are trying to make good on their decades (and perhaps centuries) old threats of Jewish destruction. As their weapons are far inferior however, they have taken to questionably tactics that the media seem to ignore.


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For instance, they are shooting rockets from over the border within civilian territory so that Israel will not bomb their weapons and soldiers. Furthermore, the terrorists have even demanded that civilians trying to flee the area remain where they are and act as human shields as it is “Allah’s will.”

By placing Israel in a position where they are forced to fire upon foreign civilians to save their own, Israel has been painted in the most devious of light despite their actions being prompted by evil terrorists who care for nothing more than the mission. As the effects of killing innocents seems to be numbing however, Israel is now hell bent on ensuring Hamas’ complete demise.


Israel’s communications Minister Gilad Erdan explains, “We cannot stop the operation while it is still unclear whether the Gaza Strip will be demilitarized or not. If that means the IDF needs to stay in the northern Gaza Strip to ensure quiet, then we will have to reconquer the area near its northern border.”

So what do you guys think – will it come to this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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