Illegals Successfully Stopped From Crossing By Armed Texas Troopers

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As the border crisis continues to spiral out of control, some of those along the border have sworn to do their best at what the government won’t. As most recently demonstrated, armed Texas Troopers were successful in stopping a few human traffickers from smuggling illegals across the border.

As the border remains immensely porous, with Border Patrol’s hands tied behind their backs by governing officials, Gov. Rick Perry has sworn to do what he could with the border, and this latest operation, proved to be successful. All caught on tape, two police boats are seen floating in the Rio Grande as one cameraman explains they were able to confiscate a jet ski.

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Although these illegals will surely find their way across somewhere else down the border, this act against crime – if continued (albeit highly unlikely) – is exactly what America needs in order to deter those breaking our nation’s laws. Those prevented from crossing in the above video are merely drops in the bucket, but its commendable nonetheless – especially in today’s day and age.

Take a peek at the video to watch these Texas Troopers turned away and let us know what you thought of it in the comments below.

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