Good News! Hillary Might Not Run For President Because The Job Is “Difficult”

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Hillary recently sat down for an interview with PBS’ Charlie Rose regarding her decision whether or not to run for the presidency. Of course, she didn’t give Rose any clear cut answers. She tip toed around telling him whether or not she’d run and her responses were almost laughable, considering she’s basically been campaigning for the presidency ever since she was First Lady.

Hillary claimed that the job of president “has only gotten harder” and that it is now an “all-consuming commitment.” Well, it should be an “all-consuming commitment”. You are the leader of the free world, after all. When you’re the president, matters of national security and foreign policy should be priority over golfing and vacationing. Apparently, Obama didn’t get that memo and Hillary isn’t very keen on it either.

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Clinton went on to lament even further:

“You’ve got to get the money from the Congress to really improve what you’re doing, personnel policies, and all the rest. So the job is as challenging as it’s always been, but I would say almost to a degree of amplification that’s hard to imagine.”

Boo-hoo. It’s just so annoying when you have to go through Congress to get your funding approved.

I wonder if Obama paid Hilary to sit and complain about how hard his job is in hopes that Americans would cut him some slack. If he did, the money was wasted, as the pair continue to look like a couple of entitled, out of touch morons.


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