Mexican Military Crossing Border To Attack U.S. Citizens

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There are many reasons why it is imperative for a country to secure it’s borders. Several historic empires have fallen for failing to due so and if Americans cared a little more about history and a little less about pop culture, they’d have a healthy understanding of this fact. There is increasing concern over the throngs of illegal aliens who are crossing our border on a daily basis, however, most people are overlooking another dangerous threat.

Members of the Mexican military have been regularly crossing the border and invading the property of U.S. citizens, at times even firing at them. One border resident in particular was left with $43,000 in medical bills after he was shot by Mexican forces. Another shared an incident of a helicopter landing on his property and Mexican military members subsequently running out with masks over their faces and fully automatic weapons. He reported the incident to the FBI, but has never been given an explanation as to why the ordeal occurred.

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Obama has ordered the training of Mexican military by U.S. military forces, and reports are beginning to surface of the Mexican military attacking U.S. border patrol agents. Just as our Commander In Chief put weapons into the hands of terrorists overseas, he is now equipping the Mexican military with the training they need to attack Americans. Add this to his long list of treasonous offenses.

Although the media has not reported on the attacks taking place, it is a serious problem. In Texas and Arizona, there have been 300 of these violent incidents in the past 18 years. Clearly, this was not a one-time mistake made by the Mexican military. These attacks are deliberate – make no mistake about that.

The U.S. is not only under attack by illegal immigrants, we are under attack by the Mexican military as well. During Obama’s presidency, we have watched our great country begin to crumble bit by bit. Illegals are infiltrating our borders bringing with them diseases which will infect the American public. Mexican military members are attacking border patrol agents and U.S. citizens. This all while Obama plays golf and grabs BBQ.

H/T: Conservative Tribune

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