Liberals Outraged After Restaurant Owner Puts Up EPIC Pro-Gun Sign

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If one thing has been made clear over time, it’s that guns reduce crime. Despite many criminals using guns to carry out their illicit behavior, when ordinary citizens have guns, that’s when you see crime rates drop.

One restaurant owner recently sought to take advantage of that fact and put up an epic pro-gun sign that had people praising her for it – and boy are Liberals ticked.

Sharma Floyd, owns the Shiloh Brew and Chew in Maryville, Tennessee, where she’s heard of the places such as Chipotle and Target recently banning guns from their premises and having their stores subsequently robbed just days later. Taking advantage of the fact that criminals are cowards, she decided to put up a sign of her own.


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Now on the front door, a sign reads, “Guns are Welcome,” and as Floyd explains, that the response has been overwhelmingly positive. She further detailed, “I can honestly say I have gotten way more support than the one person who really gave me a lot of grief over it.”

She isn’t shedding any tears over the matter however as she notes she’s gained at least 20 new customers due to word spreading throughout the town. So what do you guys think – should we allow more guns into businesses across America? Let us know in the comments below.

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