Sharia Being Taught In Schools While Politically Correct Officials Turn Blind Eye

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As we’re bearing witness to the degradation of American society, it seems that the Christian religion has been demonized to the point of appearing immoral – and now such a mentality is being taught in schools. Instead of putting an end to this unethical brainwashing however, officials are turning a blind eye rather than face the politically correct backlash.

The news comes out of the Birmingham schools in the UK where an investigation revealed that students were being taught that Christians lie. Furthermore, the report detailing the findings explained that Sharia law was discovered being introduced into the classroom via a “trojan horse” plot.


Amongst the findings, 13 schools in total were discovered to be pushing religious extremism and even officials and governors were implicated in pushing the violent mentality as well.

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According to The Telegraph:

Schools put up posters warning children that if they didn’t pray they would “go to hell”, Christmas was cancelled and girls were taught that women who refused to have sex with their husbands would be “punished” by angels “from dusk to dawn”.


There is no excuse in which a society can ethically exist where one religion is demonized while the other glorified. Could you imagine the political ramifications if the roles (and religions) were reversed in this story? The school would have already been boarded up!

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