Teacher Demands Christian Boy To Surrender Bible In School, He Said “No”

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There is perhaps no greater persecuted religion here in the United States than Christianity despite American’s First Amendment right and one recent story only goes to prove just that. Back in May, one Christian boy was asked to put away his Bible in school, but he shot the teacher down and said no.

Giovanni Rubeo was simply minding his own business and doing as he was told when the teacher, Mrs. S. Thomas, directed students to pull out their book of choice for independent reading. When Giovanni pulled out his Bible however, the sh—umm, crap, hit the fan.

Thomas immediately came over and declared that Giovanni put the “religious book” away immediately, but to her surprise, the Christian boy had already prepared a simple reply – no. The teacher then demanded the boy call his father so she could speak with him in an effort to hopefully persuade his parents in order to pressure the boy and violate his constitutional rights.

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Leaving quite the voicemail, Ms. Thomas displayed her arrogant and malicious behavior in trying to pressure the boy in order to avoid a politically correct firestorm. Giovanni’s father, Paul, however was actually on the boy’s side and outraged by the call he had received.

You see, it was actually Paul’s directions that Giovanni was acting upon as the boy’s father had warned him that the teacher would tell him to put the Bible away, but to stay strong in his faith and deny the teacher’s unconstitutional demands.

Could you imagine what would happen if a teacher found a Muslim student to be reading the Quran? What kind of hell would rain upon that teacher for demanding the student put away their “religious book”? Would they even have the gull to suggest they put it away?

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