Chuck Norris Ticking Of PC Liberals With Latest EPIC Slam

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There is perhaps no greater icon of the American spirit than that of our flag, yet some seek to demonize it as somehow being offensive. Most recently however, none other than Chuck Norris let loose a pride filled spiel in which he let those not okay with the American flag have it.

In essence he demanded that Americans stop being “politically correct” and fly the flag as its been flown for centuries before the current generation’s existence.

According to Norris:

It’s the very symbol of patriotism: Old Glory, as William Driver, an early 19th-century American sea captain, nicknamed the American flag. But even as we close in on Independence Day, more and more across the country are calling it a “threat” and inappropriate home garnishing.

A week ago, the landlord of a Texas man called the American flag “a threat to his Muslim community” and ordered him to remove it from his home, according to KHOU 11 News in Houston.

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Quickly realizing the ridiculousness of the circumstance, Norris went on to say:

Am I missing something? Do you remember the days when Americans not only used to be proud to fly Old Glory but frowned upon neighbors who did not?

These flag-flying travesties wouldn’t be so tragic if they weren’t becoming so prevalent and symptomatic of an America gone awry from its original mission and founders’ intent.

So, for this July 4, I say we not only fly Old Glory proud and high but also remind our families, friends, co-workers and neighbors exactly why we do.

There is no reason that we, who live in America, should be persecuted for flying the nation flag, nor would any other country allow such criticism. The answer is simple, if you don’t like the American flag, then you’re in the wrong country.

Patriotism is a naturally occurring phenomenon inexplicable by mere words, but those who feel it – truly feel it – know exactly what is at stake here. This is ridiculous, plain and simple – and the fact that now even being American is considered “offensive,” while in America just goes to prove more how far Liberal ideology has been allowed to infect our nation.

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