Drunk Thug Pulls Gun In Back Seat Of Police Car

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This shocking dashcam video shows a drunk thug pull a gun out of his pants while sitting unhandcuffed in the back of a cop car. According to the video, 21 year old Wesley Rogers had been harassing women on a sidewalk when police were called.

The cops somehow missed his weapon when they patted him down, and they decided not to arrest him. Instead, they decided to take Rogers to his home as a courtesy, since he seemed to be cooperating.  This would almost prove to be a fatal mistake.

The video shows Rogers subtly take a gun out of his pants, and point it at the officers. Luckily, the dumb thug drops the gun which makes enough noise to alert the officers. When they stop the car to search him again, they are shocked to find the weapon.

They quickly subdue Rogers, and THIS time he is certainly going to jail. This is what happens when you show mercy to crazy thugs!

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