Thug Cop Does Jail Time After Beating Unarmed Woman

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Police brutality seems to be on the rise lately as officers continue to hide their authoritative badges. Yet another example has come to light showing one officer using not only his legal authority but his physical advantage to mercilessly beat an unarmed woman and is now facing jail time for his crimes.

The incident began back in July of 2008 when 60-year-old Pamela Somerville was brought to jail after she was found asleep in her car and declined to take a breath test. While in prison, she had the unfortunate opportunity to be dealt with by former soldier Sgt Mark Andrews.


While in jail, it seems that Andrews’ patience was non-existent which resulted in nothing short of Somerville’s manhandling. All caught on tape, viewers look on as the 6’3” officer drags the 5’2” woman to a cell and promptly tosses her in.

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Resulting from said toss, Somerville consequently smashed her face on the concrete floor, but it is not revealed until about a minute later when she finally stands up. While bleeding profusely on the floor, the woman calls for help and is tended to by both the Sgt and the facility’s doctor.

While Somerville’s charges were dropped, Andrews got a few of his own and actually ended up spending a six month stint in jail himself. Furthermore outraging the public, the jail spent over $300,000 in legal fees in order to prevent Andrews from coming back to work but their attempts were unsuccessful.


After an appeal, Andrews charges were overturned and he was ruled allowed to return to work. After seeing what this chump hiding behind the law did to a petite woman, is there any way you think he is deserving of his job back? Let us know in the comments below.

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