Former Secret Service Agent Has Harsh Words For Hillary


July 18, 2014 2:21pm PST

Former Secret Service agent Dan Emmett served both Bush Presidents and President Clinton. In a new book, he exposes Hillary Clinton and her true character.

Emmet details in his book that Hillary was far more demanding than her husband and quite a demeaning boss. She even cussed him out on more than one occasion.

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Hillary was known to ask Secret Service agents to carry her luggage, as if they were her servants. In contrast, Emmett says Bill was a big “softie”.

This report may seem a bit shocking, but it appears to be corroborated by others who have worked for Clinton. The general consensus is that she’s no fun to be around if you’re on her pay roll.

The Left touts Hillary as their little darling, but ask anyone who’s worked for her and they’ll tell you a different story.

H/T: Your Nation


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