Police Caught Executing 4 Surrendering Men And Robbing Their Corpses

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Recently released, after several years of waiting, police cam footage seems to dictate that some Florida criminals were denied their Sixth Amendment rights and executed on the spot. Usually hiding behind their badges to cover up illicit behavior, this case is riddled with red flags, but there isn’t anything anyone can do about it.

It all started back in June of 2011, where a confidential informant made police aware of a gang of thieves looking for a score. In an elaborate plan, police set up a sting operation in which the gang were looking to steal two chest freezers of marijuana.

During that time where the take-down of the criminals was supposed to take place however, something went terribly wrong. All four members – including the officer’s confidential informant – were all shot dead, and some, even robbed.

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According to police statements given by the involved officers, those killed, seemingly in cold blood, were actually reaching for their guns. After aerial footage of the incident was released however – some three years later – it has left those involved scratching their heads.

Apparently there are a lot of discrepancies between police helicopter footage and officer’s sworn testimony that points toward police corruption. One man was killed while following officer’s instruction before suddenly being filled with 52 bullet holes – a consequence he earned for a “sudden movement.”

The death of the confidential informant (CI) however is what’s raising the most eye brows. According to police, the CI surrendered and followed officer’s orders, but instead of handcuffing him while he lied prostrate, the officer ordered him over onto his back. Reportedly, the CI “reached for the gun under his shirt” resulting in his death.

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Funny thing about this story, is that the CI was wearing a wrist band that had an audio recording device that miraculously disappeared and hasn’t been able to be found since. Seeing how that certainly would have had a more definitive account of the events of that night, prosecutors are livid that its come up missing.

It seems that police were able to get away with the execution of 4 men – one more than likely innocent – as well as successfully robbing a corpse to cover their tracks. As frustrated as they may be, the persecution have stated that there’s not much else they can do as evidence is scarce.

So what do you guys think of this – criminal police or sting gone bad? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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