BREAKING: Illegals Dropped Off In Obama’s Backyard

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The crisis at the border is out of control and has remained that way for the past few months due to presidential neglect. As consequence of his actions though it seems that this one has come back to bite him as the Fed recently announced that they would be dumping off an unknown amount of illegal aliens in Obama’s own back yard.

Despite being rather well known for their strict stance on immigration and illegal aliens, Prince William County, Virginia has recently learned that the Feds will be making an unwanted stop in their county. Without any request, warning or courtesy of any kind, those in charge of dealing with the border crisis have declared they would be dumping illegals, with nowhere else to go, in a community located within the confines of the county.

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Although politicians state that there were rumors that something like this would happen in Prince William County, they thought they’d at least have an option before the government began implementing such action. Apparently, they thought wrong.

It appears the scenario is more of a mandate than anything else as the Feds haven’t, nor will they, confer with officials in the country regarding their plans. Welcome to America ladies and gentlemen – where Obama continues to act as a tyrant and do as he pleases without question.

How long can America sustain such a mentality to take in anyone who wants to walk across our borders? How long before it’s no longer just South Americans making their way across? What do you guys think of this – will the location of the latest Illegal dump affect Obama in any way?

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