NYPD Kill Innocent Man For Breaking Up Fight

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On Thursday, a New York shop owner named Eric Garner attempted to break up a fight between two men. It proved to be a fatal mistake for the good samaritan. Cell phone footage captured by a witness caught the incident on tape of when he was murdered by brutal NYPD officers.

It can be ascertained from the video that this was not the first time Garner had been harassed by the police. As he pleads for them to just leave him alone, a throng of officers rush him for no apparent reason, as Garner is not acting violently. One officer put Garner into a choke hold and slammed his head into the ground.

Garner can be heard gasping for air and telling the police that he cannot breathe before finally succumbing to their force. He died on the cement outside of his shop at the hands of the NYPD.

The cops suspected that Garner was selling un-taxed cigarettes, so they are likely to claim that their attack on the man was justified. Hopefully Mr. Garner’s family will see some justice though.

As some like to say, no good dead goes unpunished. Let us know what you think of this gruesome report in the comments section.

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