Video Proof That Rebels Shot Down Plane, Obama Attending Fundraisers

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Yesterday tragedy struck the world as a plane full of 298 international innocents – including 27 Americans – was shot down in Ukraine. Unfortunately for Obama, he had to stop in the middle of his burger to address the American people in which he explained to them it, “looks like it may be a terrible tragedy.”

After giving those negligibly comforting words, Obama hit the road again for a few more fundraising pit stops. As it turns out though, audio proof was also released that Ukrainian rebels were responsible for the downed plane, but it proved second to Obama’s money grubbing tour.

According to Blacklisted News:

Moments ago Ukraine released what may be just that missing “YouTube” link, when it unveiled a 2:23 minute video supposedly proving that “militants of “Bes” group shot down with a Russian anti-aircraft missile a Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 passenger jet heading from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur.”

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Apparently the Ukrainian government was able to record a phone call between members of the rebel group that implicated them in what appears to be a devastating accident. According to the video, those involved has apparently mistaken the plane for that of a military plane.

Other reports have since indicated that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s plane also flew a similar route that the rebels may have mistaken the plane for.

However, the video was previously released by supposed Russian intelligence sources in Russian, but soon made it to the web with English subtitles. There were a few discrepancies however – the most noticeable being that the time stamps were altered during the translation process for some reason. For a few more odd inconsistencies, feel free to read this article here.

Now that we have a general idea of what is actually going on here – what do you guys think of Obama’s actions? Are they, in any way, appropriate? Let us know in the comments below.

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