Israel Launching Massive Assault On Terrorists [PHOTOS]

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Israeli leaders have handled the conflict in the Gaza Strip the best that anyone under these circumstances could. If Obama was in charge over there, the land would have been lost to Hamas terrorists long ago.

The Iron Dome has protected Israel from most of the terrorist missiles raining down thus far. They’ve launched air strikes to take out specific high-ranking terrorist targets, but they are still heavily under attack.


Smoke rises after an Israeli missile attack.


An Israeli rocket fired into the northern region of the Gaza Strip.


Flares light the sky in the Gaza Strip.


A Palestinian apartment building was left in ruins after an overnight air strike.


Children inspect the damage done to their home, which resulted from falling debris during an overnight missile attack.


An angry protester voices his contempt for Israeli air strikes in the Gaza Strip.

On Thursday, the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) announced that they would be initiating a ground operation in the Gaza Strip to destroy the underground tunnels which lead to Israel. It is expected to take up to two weeks. “The mission is progressing well,” said Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz, Israel’s military chief. “There were a number of incidents overnight that we overcame and moved forward.”

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Israel has warned Hamas that if they did not cease their fire, they would be destroyed. This is Prime Minister Netanyahu’s way of making good on that promise.


A convoy of Israeli tanks.

Casualties will undoubtedly result from the newest action by the IDF, however they are solely the fault of Hamas terrorists, not Israel. Israel is only doing what needs to be done. 20 Palestinian civilians were killed in a recent overnight air strike. More have been injured after being caught in the crosshairs of flying shrapnel and stray bullets.

Israel had been reluctant in the past about launching a ground offensive for fear of endangering its own soldiers and drawing international condemnation over Palestinian civilian deaths. However, most Israelis now agree that a ground strike is necessary.


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Netanyahu explained, “Since there is no way to deal with the tunnels only from the air, our soldiers are doing it now from the ground. We decided to launch the action after we tried all the other ways, and with an understanding that without this operation the price we will have to pay later would be much higher.”

Israel has been a force to be reckoned with thus far. Their most recent ground attack took out more than 100 terrorist targets. Let’s hope they can continue to be strong and swift with those extremist bastards.


Mourners carry a Palestinian boy killed by Israeli fire.


A father mourns the loss of his son, killed by a short-range rocket.


A woman attempts to comfort a devastated mother (left) who has just identified her daughter outside of a Gaza City morgue.


A man mourns the loss of his brother.

Every attempt to obtain a peaceful ceasefire was made by Israel and Hamas would have none of it. As Israel voluntarily stopped hostilities in a humanitarian effort towards the Palestinian people, Hamas doubled their efforts, proving that you cannot and should not negotiate with terrorists. The above video shows explosions going off just moments after the ceasefire was lifted.

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Hamas has survived Israeli offensives in the past, including a major ground operation in January of 2009 from which it emerged militarily weaker, but then recovered. The terrorist organization has since assembled thousands of rockets and built a system of underground bunkers, proving that no one is safe until they are all dead.


Israeli soldiers after the 5-hour humanitarian truce.

Hamas needs to be wiped from the face of the Earth. They will stop at nothing to fulfill their extremist agenda. Israel’s new move to thin their forces is the first step in thwarting their efforts, however Hamas will not be easily deterred. Spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said in a statement, “The ground offensive does not scare us and we pledge to drown the occupation army in Gaza mud.”

For those who think that terrorism is not a major threat, the photographs contained here should serve as evidence to the contrary. We are separated by a vast ocean between America and a land where terrorists wreak havoc on peaceful people everyday. We are blessed. But make no mistake, Hamas and other extremist organizations plan to overtake us or die trying.

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“This operation must be completed to its end and that includes a significant incursion into Gaza,” said Uri Ariel, an Israeli Cabinet minister. “We need to go in and finish the job. We need to eliminate every terrorist. They have no immunity.”

What do you think the outcome will be of the IDF’s ground efforts? Will we finally see some stability begin to emerge in the region? Let us know your thought in the comments section!


Smoke from flares in Gaza City.


Israeli rocket fire in the northern region of the Gaza Strip.


Left-wing Israelis protest military action in the Gaza Strip.


Protesters shout anti-Israel slogans.

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