Detroit Judge Destroys Teenage Thug Before Sentencing

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Judge James Callahan was about to impose a sentence on a teenage gang member, but first he had something important to say.

19 year old Latrez Cummings had just been found guilty of assault for his role in the brutal beating of Steve Utash in April. According to The Daily Mail, Latrez and four others randomy dragged Utash out of his car when he had stopped to help a child who had stepped in front of his vehicle. The gang then beat the man so badly that he was in a coma for days.

Judge Callahan was about to unleash his sentence when he turned to Latrez and told him he needed a father to “beat the hell out of him.”

The Judge added “[you] need someone to discipline you. Someone to beat the hell out of you when you made a mistake, as opposed to allowing you or encouraging you to do it to somebody else.”

Latrez responded that his father was never around when he was growing up. Callahan then imposed a six month prison sentence, infuriating the prosecutor.

Assistant prosecutor Lisa Lindsay started a spirited exchange with the judge, saying the sentence was too light and the judge had been lenient because the teen was black and had no father figure.

Despite her protests, Judge Callahan did not change his mind and said race had nothing to do with it.

Bravo to Callahan for giving this teen a dose of reality, but the sentence does seem a bit light. Do you think the Judge did the right thing? Let us know in the comments below!

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