30 Year Old Mother Of 4 Has Been On Welfare For 12 Years And LOVES It

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Kiara is a mother of 4 who has been on welfare for 12 years, and she’s loving it. She’s not employed, and has no plans to ever find a job, saying “I don’t need to look for one because I get a check from the government every month.”

Kiara says she gets $500 a month in benefits, $780 a month in food stamps, and free medicaid.  This is all courtesy of us taxpayers!

The mother once lived in government housing, but she was kicked out for not reporting that her boyfriend was living with her. What a tragedy that is! It must have been really tough for Kiara to do something HERSELF for once when she had to find her own place.

But I’m sure she quickly found a new baby daddy to shack up with and spend her government money on…God bless America!

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