This Welfare Queen Will Enrage You As She Explains How To Game The System

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Be sure to have a barf bag handy before viewing this video. A welfare queen (whose name is apparently “Chapter”) explains to an interviewer some of her many tricks for gaming the welfare system.

She begins by explaining¬†that California is the best state to have EBT because “they give you the most stuff.” She goes on to rattle off a laundry list of things the state gives their welfare recipients.

“You get free daycare, you get free food. You can go to fast food restaurants now,” Chapter smugly explains, adding that Dominos and Subway now take EBT.

She goes on to explain the free daycare benefits, “You get money for free daycare so all of (your kids) can go to daycare, and most people have their friend as the daycare person and they split the money. I heard all about that.”

It only gets worse; the video closes with perhaps the grimmest line ever:

“Then you have the cash that they give you and the lights and the gas and the free home. I mean, who would want to work in America? This is what the taxpayers are paying for!”

It seems like Chapter has it all figured out! This is the type of person taxpayers like you and me are supporting with our hard earned money. Thanks a lot, Obama!

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