Pervert Pretends To Be TSA, Gropes Women At Airport

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As if there weren’t enough reasons to highly despise the TSA enough, it appears that some are beginning to take advantage of their invasive procedures. According to recent reports, one man dressed up to impersonate TSA agents and even went so far as to conduct impromptu pat down sessions on unsuspecting women.

The 53-year-old airport pervert is reported to be behind bars after his illicit behavior was discovered by on looking and official TSA agents. Apparently the man was able to gain entry into the secure portion of the airport as he had purchased a ticket, but once beyond the checkpoint and get a little drunk, he decided to have a bit of fun of his own.

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According to the incident report, the man was dressed in a blue polo shirt and khaki pants and even swiped a pair of blue gloves from around the area. After that however, is where his delinquent plan was set into motion.

Apparently the man was able to successfully able to lure two women into private booths for a secondary screening consisting of a pervy pat down session.

Given how many liberties are sacrificed in the name of safety on behalf of the TSA, you’d think they’d at least be effective at their jobs. What do you guys think of this – if they can’t even see someone who’s in the wrong standing right next to them, then what good are they?

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