‘Mind-Reading’ Helmet Could Protect U.S. Troops In Afghanistan

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New technology is being developed which could protect the United States military overseas from insider threats. Something we don’t hear much about is the struggle that soldiers face in determining who is an important ally and who is actually a dangerous foe. Enemy combatants have been known to disguise themselves as friends to American troops only to do them harm in the end. A new ‘mind-reading’ helmet would help to solve this problem.

The helmet responders to small triggers in the brain when a military boss is dealing with a captured prisoner. Through EEG scans, the brain sends messages to the helmet which can detect things which me may not otherwise recognize. Millions of these brainwave messages combine to form a ‘Friend or Foe Algorithm’.


When you see a picture which is of emotional significance to you, your brain responds accordingly. All a U.S. soldier would have to do is slap one of the mind-reading helmets on a captured stranger’s head to see how they respond to certain stimuli. They would then be shown a green light for prisoners who are friendly and a red light for those who intend to do them harm.

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Eric Elbot, CEO of Veritas Scientific, explained:

“If I flash you a picture of a diagram that shows you how to build an IED, that would be a pretty strong indicator that you might be a foe…You wouldn’t be studying how to make an IED if you were a friend.”

Elbot predicts that soldiers would be able to round up an entire village of Afghanis, slap the helmets on them, and instantaneously know whether they are friend or foe. The technology is called ‘HandShake’ and could be used by law enforcement in the future as well.

Veritas Scientific boasts that HandShake could have even detected the Boston Bomber:

“Upon his return from Chechnya, had the Boston Marathon Bomber been screened by Veritas Scientific’s HandShake, this neurotechnology would have identified him as a potential threat.”

Insider attacks have claimed the lives of several American troops, so this new technology could be an invaluable tool in saving lives. Let us know what you think of it in the comments section!

H/T: MailOnline

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