Patriot Destroys Obama: “Lying, Insolent, Lawless, And Unaccountable”

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Jonathan Mooers is a concerned patriot who has watched our country go down the drain ever since Obama took office. In an open letter he penned to Western Journalism, Mooers details exactly what needs to be done to take back our great nation:

“We the Passengers must unite together and act to remove the hijackers of our federal government. When my grandson is my age in 2074, let him and other grandchildren see that Americans put their daily differences aside in 2014 to unite to remove an outlaw President.”

It sounds as though Mooers is calling for an all out revolution. He unapologetically goes on to call out Obama for his long list of scandals and un-American actions that have been a stain his presidency:

“Whether Americans love or loath Obama, most now agree that this so-called 44th President has operated to intentionally harm and humiliate our nation: his abandonment of Americans at Benghazi, his deadly power vacuum created in Iraq and abandonment of Israel, his aid and moral support for the Muslim Brotherhood, his targeting and intimidating of American citizens via misuse of IRS and NSA, his flooding of American communities with tens-of-thousands of unjailed and convicted illegal aliens and his planned importation of illegal alien children, his neglect of an anemic economy since 2009, his adding $7,000,000,000,000 of additional debt bequeathed to our grandchildren, etc. Americans have been duped into supporting a carefully covered-up Islamic operative posing as today’s lying, insolent, lawless, and unaccountable Public Enemy No. 1 President.

Mooers goes so far as to accuse all 535 members of Congress as being guilty of treason. His reasoning it that they were all aware of Obama’s ineligibility to be a President of the United States, but did nothing to stop him. This is why, he says, they have not moved to impeach him. It would mean admitting their own guilt.

Mooers goes on to detail just how we might be able to turn the tables and restore America to her former glory. He closes with a call to action for all Americans to make a move to overthrow the imperial presidency Obama has imparted on the American people along with his despicable wife. Feel free to read Mooers’ entire letter here.

Do you agree with Mooers? Do you think that his call to action will light a spark which ignites a fire to finally bring down Obama? Sound off in the comments section!

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