Watch 13 Terrorists Get Blown up By Well Placed Bomb

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The conflict between Israel and Palestine – or more specifically the Hamas terrorists occupying a portion of Palestine – is touch and go. As cease fire agreements are often agreed upon with terrorists firing off rockets mere minutes after agreeing to stop, saying the situation is touch-and-go would be putting it rather mildly.

As the terrorists seek to find any way in which they can inflict mass casualties, some have taken to trying to infiltrate the city. So when Israel discovered that Hamas was burrowing under the border to gain access, they decided to put a stop to it – with one well placed bomb.

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All caught on tape, the video depicts 13 Hamas terrorists emerging from what they have deemed a “terror tunnel,” that branches from Palestine to Israel. Viewers look on as a massive bomb undoubtedly takes out the entire group.

Later Israel came forward with information saying they were able to foil a “massive” attack that would have been perpetrated on its people, but came at the cost of a negotiated cease fire that was scheduled to take place mere hours from the explosion.

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