FEMA Promotional Video Shows Agents Hauling Blacks To Prison Camps

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As many are more than convinced that Obama is steering this country to utter collapse and, in such, a natural uprising, it appears the government is also preparing for such a reality. Most recently, it seems that exactly that was clearly demonstrated during a promotional video for a FEMA services training center shows armed National Guardsmen hauling blacks away to a hypothetical prison camp.

The video was created by Guardian Centers, and displayed on their YouTube page where it seems they sought to demonstrate the vigorous training and preparedness multiple agencies have been going through to contend with worst case scenarios. Shot at an “830 acre ‘disaster preparedness and tactical training validation center’ located in Georgia,” the video seems to show something a bit more sinister.

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Amidst the rescue operation tactics that emergency personnel were training on, you get a glimpse of the National Guard being trained on civil unrest. Now as we all can foresee this day coming – should Obama not be stopped in time – those that cry “conspiracy” when talks of FEMA camps surface may want to reconsider.

Don’t let us make that assertion for you though – take a peek at the video above and decide for yourself. What do you guys think? Is this something to fret? Let us know in the comments below.

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