Child Sex Robots To Be Used To Treat Pedophiles

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Researchers are saying that ‘sexbots’ are an inevitable part of the not-so-distant future. They resemble small children and robotics experts are claiming that they could drastically reduce the number of children who who fall victim to sexual predators. These child sexbots will be used to treat pedophiles similar to the way methadone is used to treat addicts.


Ron Arkin, Georgia Tech’s Mobile Robot Lab director, spoke on a robot ethics panel at Berkeley. He stated:

“We’ve had sex toys for as long as mankind, and womankind, have been around. Child-like robots could be used for pedophiles the way methadone is used to treat drug addicts. There are no presumptions that this will assuredly yield positive results – I only believe it is worth investigating in a controlled way to possibly provide better protection to society from recidivism in sex offenders. If we can save some children, I think it’s a worthwhile project.”

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Animal sexbots and disabled sexbots are also in the making. Ben Way, a robotics expert who recently wrote a book called ‘Jobocalypse: The End of Human Jobs and How Robots will Replace Them,’ told MailOnline:

“There is no doubt that child sex bots will become available, and the line and distinction between an adult sex bot and a child sex bot is impossible to police. Will child sex bots lead to some people acting out their dark and disgusting desires on real children? Yes, but I suspect having child sex bots will significantly reduce the number of people overall who abuse children. Child sex bots could become the most powerful tool in reducing harm to children. As repugnant as it may seem society should support this technology and do proper research into its effects before making a snap decision based on social norms, the most important thing we can do as a society is reduce harm to children whatever way we can do it. We also have to be realistic that it won’t stop at child sex bots, we will have animal sex bots, disabled sex bots. People have all kinds of fetishes and dark desires, and robots will be there to cater to them all.”

Technology is a doubled-edged sword. A perfect example of this is social media. It’s an amazing tool for everything from advertising to personal affairs, but it has also contributed majorly to a new generation which can barely communicate face to face. People are more inclined to text at the dinner table than to hold a genuine conversation. These new robots could be an important tool in stopping sexual abuse, but by the same token, they might also contribute to it. Only time and research will tell.


A growing concern is that robots could replace many jobs that now require a real live human. One example of this are the robots being manufactured which can read a news broadcast better than many human reporters. The video above is evidence of that.

Do you think that child sexbots are a viable way to essentially cure pedophiles of their nasty behavior? Give us your take in the comments section!

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