You’ll Never Guess What Food Stamp Freeloaders Will Be Getting Next

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Given the current status of the economy, you’d think pinching our pennies would be in the nation’s best interest. As Liberals remain in control however, that pesky money – or lack thereof – won’t be standing in the way of further enslaving the population with dependency any time soon.

According to recent reports, those on food stamps may soon also be receiving “free” movie tickets at the cost of taxpayers.

The proposition has recently come from the USDA as the federal agency tries to persuade those on food stamps to make more healthy choices – and I wouldn’t be surprised if the FLOTUS was behind this one too. Basically, instead of stuffing their faces with those free Twinkies, the government would rather you eat an apple or two and are considering offering incentives if you choose to do so.

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According to the Washington Free Beacon:

Initial suggestions from the USDA on how to alter the grocery environment include stores offering “SNAP-Ed cooking classes” and consultations with dieticians…

Another idea included a point-based system where food stamp recipients could receive movie tickets in exchange for healthy food purchases.

Now it doesn’t take a genius to see that Americans need to eat a bit healthier as a whole, but that needs to be the choice of the individual. The fact that you are now offering those who are already getting food for free something that is going to cost the American tax payer even more is not only ludicrous, but outrageous.

Feel free to let the government have it in the comments below ladies and gentlemen.

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