Armed Nurse Stops Carjackers In Their Tracks

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An armed Milwaukee nurse was able to defend herself from a group of carjacking thugs thanks to her concealed to carry permit. According to The Daily Caller, two teenagers broke into Victoria Davison’s car last month while she was in it.

“I want the keys, car, everything,” ordered one of the teens, according to Davison.

When Davison hesitated, one of the thugs commanded the other to take out their gun. Realizing her life was in jeopardy, Davison quickly took action. The nurse shocked the teens by pulling out her own gun from her gym bag.

“I shot the one that was in front of me. The one in the back of me, he said a curse word, and then he looked at his friend, and then he ran off while his friend was on the ground,” Davison told her local news.

The 15 year old is currently in serious condition at the local hospital. When asked if she felt bad about shooting someone so young, Davison responded, “I mean he’s 15, but he’s making adult decisions.”

Police are applauding Davison not only for defending herself: the nurse unknowingly helped to break up a carjacking ring when she shot her attacker. Days after this incident, the 17 year old thug who escaped stole a man’s SUV with a group of friends. John Marshall Davis, armed with an AK-47 style BB gun, took the car for a joy ride leading police on a high speed chase.

Afterwards, 11 were arrested including Davis. Police are currently investigating whether there are more teens involved in the car jacking ring.

As for Davison, she is just thankful that she has a concealed to carry permit. Had she not had a gun, she may not be alive today.



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