Leaked Document Details Hillary Clinton’s Ridiculous Speech Demands

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A document was recently obtained by the Daily Caller which details Hillary Clinton’s long list of ridiculous demands for speaking engagements. In addition to her standard fee of at least $225,000, the contract claims:

“The Sponsor agrees to pay a fee of $1,250 for the services of a stenographer, who will be onsite at the event. The stenographer will transcribe Speaker’s remarks as they are being delivered, which shall be solely for the Speaker’s records.”

The contract was signed on May 13th between UNLV and the Harry Walker Agency, which is handling Clinton’s speaking tour. The 60 minute question and answer session will be held at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. The contract goes on to say:

“It is agreed that [Clinton] will be the only person on stage during her remarks. The Speaker may request that Sponsor pay for and provide a glass panel teleprompter and a qualified operator.”

The contract also outlines some some very strict stipulations in regard to a 30-minute photo line which Clinton has agreed to entertain:

“It is understood and agreed that the photographer will take one (1) photo of each person or couple participating in the photoline. It is understood and agreed that the Sponsor will provide each of the photoline attendees with a copy of the photo for their personal use only. The Sponsor is also required to communicate to the photoline attendees that the photo is for private, personal use only and that the photo cannot be used in any way to imply any kind of endorsement of an entity, individual, product or service. Any use of the photo that suggests or implies any such endorsement is forbidden.”

It appears that Clinton wants complete control over all coverage of the speaking engagement, as the contract states:

“Speaker’s participation at the event including the speech and reception will be closed to the press, unless otherwise agreed to in writing. There will be no other media opportunities or availabilities (i.e.. press conferences, statements, etc.).”

Clinton has come under fire recently for her outrageous speaking fees. She plans to donate the cost of this particular speech to the Bill, Hillary, & Chelsea Clinton Foundation. How nice of her to be so generous when it comes to her own charity.

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