Teacher Caught Having Sex With 5 Students At Once

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In today’s society, there is nothing perhaps considered more vile than an adult having sex with a child, but when it comes to the age of consenting adults, the lines sometime get blurred. So was recently the case for Brittni Colleps who had sex with at least 5 of her students – but all were over the age of 18.

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Unfortunately for her, the age of consent matters not in Texas where it is considered flat-out illegal for teachers to have sex with students, no matter the age, from grades Kindergarten through 12. For her crimes, despite the men she slept with – as many as 4 at a time – being over the age of 18, and therefore consenting adults, she sits in prison.

Feel free to take a peek at the video above and let us know what you think of Ms. Colleps circumstance in the comments below.

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