AWESOME: Armed Patriots Converging To Shut Down Obama

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Despite the current administration’s narrative of the border crisis being accidental and sudden, it seems to be something more like a strategic ploy meant to help along a political agenda. That being said, it seems that Americans have become nothing more than fed up and are saying no to Obama’s latest attempts to dye the voting pools a bit more blue.

Most recently it seems Obama wants a few more Liberal dependents in Michigan and the folks are up in arms about it – literally. Patriots from all around Vassar, Michigan all got together to protest in the streets and even brought their firearms in an open-carry demonstration to prove that they mean business.

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According to Breitbart:

Tamyra Murray organized the protest. She said, “We must act. We must save America and stand up to this invasion.” Building contractor Matt Krol participated in the march, saying, “We the people are standing up and saying we will not allow illegal immigration.”

This marks the second such protest in as many weeks in Vassar. In addition to the sign about sealing the border, other protesters carried signs that said, “Go Home. We’re Full,” and “It’s the law. Deport.”

There is absolutely no excuse for foreign nationals being allowed to jump the line of those legally trying to gain access into our country – especially when it’s being done as a partisan effort. That being said, it appears that politicians have become so far out of touch with their duties (i.e. representing “we the people”) that it is now up to us as Americans to make a stand – and the patriots in Michigan have sounded the trumpets.

What do you guys think – will Washington listen to the cries of the American people? Let us know your thoughts on what the folks in Michigan are trying to accomplish in the comments below.

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